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Rental Structure:
The current costume rental rates are based on complete productions and are quoted per principal/chorus costume, in U.S. funds. To arrange for a price quotation, please contact the Opera/Theatrical Department.

Rates quoted are for 5 performances in one week, or 8 performances in a two-week period. Any subsequent weeks are priced at 50% of the initial rates for the first additional week and 25% for any weeks thereafter. Rental rates include altering, tagging, bagging and dry-cleaning of the costumes. The costumes are shipped two to three weeks prior to the opening performance. If they are required earlier, there is an additional charge.

Up-to-date measurements and production details (including chorus breakdown and cast list) are required three months prior to the opening performance. This ensures that any problem sizes or special requests are dealt with before the costumes are pulled and altered. (Measurements required are height, weight, chest/bust, waist, waist to floor, hips and inseam.)

Costume Rental Agreement and Declaration Form:
When rental of a production is confirmed, Malabar sends the customer a "Costume Rental Agreement" indicating the rates, performance dates and monies required, in U.S. funds. Also sent is a "declaration for free entry" form, required by U.S. Customs, indicating that the customer is a non-profit organization and therefore does not pay duties. Both of these documents must be signed and returned with the required deposit to confirm the production booking. Malabar must receive these documents prior to shipping any costumes. (For universities, a purchase order is also required.)

Costumes are shipped by airfreight or truck. Shipping charges, both ways, are the customer's responsibility. Airlines require payment upon delivery and also upon pickup for the return shipment. Costumes are shipped in boxes 26" long, 17" wide, and 21" high. The average weight per box is 50 lbs. For a small shipment of one or two boxes, Malabar ships via Federal Express collect.

Malabar costumes clear U.S. Customs in Buffalo or Detroit by Tower Group International. Included with the shipment are the "duty free declaration" form and a "customs clearance" form. For the customs form, we require the customer's Employer Identification number or Federal I.D. number (9 digits). Tower Group clears the shipment and the customer is billed for the customs clearance fee.

Returning Costumes to Malabar:
Costumes must be shipped within two days following the closing performance. Malabar provides the customer with the necessary shipping documents, which must be completed and given to the airline, or trucking company returning the costumes. Malabar pays the Canadian Customs clearance fee on re-entry.